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The Backrooms Game Online Play For Free

Are you an avid thrill-seeker? Then you should not miss an absolutely new format of a horror game – The Backrooms. No, do not expect to meet conventional jumpscares or terrible monsters. Everything here is arranged is a completely different way, but nevertheless, the atmosphere is no less ominous. So what is it all about? You just need to escape from a strange building. Does it sound too primitive? Do not jump to conclusions, the task is really far from being as easy as you may have pictured it.

How to play

Your character finds himself in an unfamiliar place. You start to look around, but it seems this building is an endless combination of random rooms and corridors. It looks like nobody visited this building for ages – it looks old and stale. But you should invent something and find an exit. And as you will find out soon, it is going to be a real challenge. The first step to take is to start exploring everything around. Even if the building seems completely empty at first glance, but it is not so. Here and there, you will come across queer objects that seem useless. Do not ignore them as they are scattered around not without reason. As you move on, these items may serve as a clue to many tasks you need to solve. Be especially careful with the pieces of notes you may find. Who wrote them? It looks like somebody was already struggling here with the same task as yours. So maybe they left some hints for you to avoid the same mistakes? Read them carefully to learn more. The sounds add to the general gloomy atmosphere making you feel not comfortable. And wait, what is that special noise heard from some distant corner. Can there be someone else around. If it so, this creature does not seem to be your friend. As you move further through the premises, you cannot say where some inexplicable things really happen or it is just tricks of your imagination. But do not get distracted – you need to get out as soon as possible. There are several endings possible, so do not let your final be painful for you.

Don’t lose your sanity

No matter how strange it may sound but shortly after you start the game, you will lose the feeling of reality. All the rooms are designed in strange yellowish color. And the more you wander around, the more bizarre feeling you get. There are no spectacular visuals here, but the annoying buzz of the lights, repeating pattern of the wallpapers and endless corridors start driving you crazy. It seems you move in a vicious circle. Immersing yourself deeper inside this abandoned building even creates an illusion of smell – you can associate with the stinky old walls and carpets. Players seem to be on the edge of their sanity. And sometimes you can have hallucinations about some mysterious creatures trying to catch you from behind. It nor only sounds creepy, it is really so. The only thing is sure – you will not get bored while searching for escape. Of course, it is not a traditional horror plot, but you will go through enough thrills. And you may not doubt a bit – all the time you will be on your tenterhooks!

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