SCP-096: Modest

While we are quietly living our lives, somewhere behind the scenes the powers that be are playing their games. In this horror adventure, you will move to a secret laboratory where creatures with paranormal abilities are being researched. Yes, they really exist, although they are trying in every possible way to convince us that this is not so. Meanwhile, the leading scientists are investigating these mysterious creatures, conducting various tests on them. And of course they don’t really like it – imagine being exposed to electricity, chemicals and other laboratory “charms”!

Therefore, it is not surprising that when a security breach occurred in the underground complex, many escaped test subjects rushed to take revenge on their jailers. Now you have to run away from the most terrible of them. He is nicknamed SCP 096 Modest because he doesn’t like being stared in the face. And everyone who sees what he really looks like, he tries to kill. He will chase you through the corridors and rooms of the laboratory, and you need to escape and find a way out. Carefully explore the rooms through which you will pass – perhaps you will find useful things here or even weapons. But don’t stay anywhere too long, SCP 096 is on his way!

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