100 Doors: Escape from School

This story can instill fear in everyone who hates school and everything connected with it. Little Mia was locked up in the school building! The classes ended and the heroine lingered a little near her locker. Some time later, she discovered that she was completely alone. That scared her and she hurried to the front door. But there an even scarier surprise was waiting for her! All doors on the campus were locked, and the girl was left in an empty school all alone. Now we need to get out somehow!

How to play? In 100 Doors: Room Escape, you have to help a girl complete a series of quests to open numerous doors in the school and make an escape. Ahead of you is a series of puzzles, where the main goal will be to open locked doors. Sometimes the levels will be quite easy, and sometimes you will have to work hard to cope with the task. At the beginning of the level, carefully study Mia’s clues.

The girl will help determine the task to be completed. Interact with different objects and try to solve all the riddles and puzzles that the school is filled with. If you are at a dead end, then you can use the hint and continue the quest. Help Mia escape and remember this incident as a fun adventure! Enjoy the game and good luck!

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