Inside The Backrooms

Welcome to an exciting horror game in which you have to test your abilities in a real intricate labyrinth of utility rooms in which you find yourself. It is almost impossible to get out of this area. You will have to explore the whole territory, try to survive and of course get out. Try to find clues and use them to break free. There is a theory that one can never get out of this place. Test your abilities right now in this real horror game. Good luck!

What awaits you in this game?

You found yourself in a strange and very confusing area which consists of utility rooms. You will have to explore every corner of the premises to find a way out. Each room is the same and has walls of the same color. On your way there will be many difficulties and puzzles that you have to solve on the way to the coveted exit. In addition, you will meet frightening creatures that will hunt for you to catch. If you hear the slightest rustle – this is not good, then the inhabitant of the labyrinth has started hunting for you. Try to run fast and hide in order not to fall into the clutches of sinister monsters. Try to unravel and solve all the problems on the way to the cherished freedom. Connect your mind and logical thinking while passing the levels. Explore each room, go further and discover new areas. Try to reveal all the secrets of this room and of course, the main thing is to get out alive.

Game features

There are many legends about this strange place, you will have to check everything and see for yourself. Thanks to different difficulty levels, you will definitely not be bored. In addition, throughout the game you will be accompanied by a specific smell and a frightening sound, which makes the game even more frightening. Pass each level and get new experience. Also, thanks to the multiplayer, it has become much more fun to play, because now you can explore the territory, survive, look for a way out and fight against evil creatures not alone, but together with friends.

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