Laqueus Escape Chapter 4

The horror adventures in a spooky desolate bunker is about to go on! In the fourth part of Laqueus Escape, you will yet once again roam through the enigmatic catacombs that keep centuries of secrets. But this time you have a different task ahead of you – to find your way out of the cold and stinky sewers. Around there are only rusty walls, twilight and water. In such a creepy place, it is very simple to lose not only self-control, but also your reason. But such a cool hero as you are not in danger.

During the gameplay you have to test your intelligence and try to solve all the mysteries of this mysterious place. First, take a good look around. Examine every centimeter of the compartment in search of useful items. For example, near the doors on the lower tier there will be a box of matches. Take it and examine it carefully from all sides. On the back of the box there will be a color scheme, deciphering which, you will receive a numbered code. This game has prepared for you a lot of ingenious riddles that only the most intelligent, quick-witted and attentive players can solve. We are sure that you will succeed and you will be able to help the main character escape from the mysterious trap and unravel the mystery of the abandoned bunker. Enjoy the game and good luck!

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