Something Looks Weird

Imagine that your daily reality you got used to suddenly starts changing before your eyes. It’s something that can throw off even a person with the sturdiest nerves. Say nothing of more impressionable and sensitive types. The main hero of this game is witnessing something strange and he can’t explain it. At first, changes weren’t that big making him guess whether he is so tired that he needs rest right away. But even after a long-hour sleep, the glitches continue. Maybe you’re just going crazy, or maybe the whole world is going down the drain…

In this surreal and even a bit frightening game, you’ll have to witness such incomprehensible changes in the setting that you thought you knew all too well for it to surprise you. Yet here you are, looking at a mere chair that looks like it’s from a parallel dimension. What are you going to do now? Should you schedule a meeting with a shrink? Or maybe you should try and test what you see? What if your touch will deceive you as well and then you won’t have any idea what to believe? It’s a really tough and disturbing situation with unpredictable consequences, and you need to try and keep calm to figure out what’s going on here!

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