Laqueus Escape – Chapter 3

In this gripping game continuing the story of Laqueus Escape you will find another batch of creepy adventures that are waiting for the main hero. After the events that unfolded in the second part, our character still has to find a way out of an old empty bunker. The poor fellow went through a lot, and when you open the next door you can’t get rid of the feeling that the exit is already very close. But frustration, mixed with dread, sweeps over you, because there are new puzzles and even trickier riddles are hidden behind the next lock. It seems that there is no end to the torment, but you can not lose heart. Be patient, get a grip of yourself and bravely deal with all the tasks prepared for you by the developers in order to escape from a nightmarish place. Are you ready to see what they have in store for you? Then don’t wait any further and begin your journey!

This time you will find yourself in a strange little room. There are very few things and almost no furniture, only a coffee table and a wardrobe. But in the middle of the room there was a strange iron box, similar to a transformer box. It is this item that will become a real headache for the players. And all because there are many puzzles that need to be solved in order to open the door to another room. For instance, the business card puzzle is very simple and easy to solve. After examining it, you will see the electrician’s phone number. But in fact, this is a mathematical example, by solving which you will recognize the first code. Next, you’ll have to put your brain to good use to solve the rest of the puzzles. They will be rather versatile, so don’t hope to come across some common pattern that can be used to crack the riddles with ease. Otherwise Laqueus Escape: Chapter 3 wouldn’t have been that fascinating! Enjoy the game and good luck!

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