What Remains of Gone Home

Are you into escape room games? Then What Remains of Gone Home is the right one for you! You may already know what this is about, so get ready to be patient and find a way to get out of the house. Explore the house, open all the doors and look in the nightstands, so you can find different items that will help you achieve your main goal. The game is mystically attractive, can you find out the history of the house, will you get out of there and what will happen next?

What Remains of Gone Home is a dark and spooky interactive story. From the very beginning, we are “thrown” into the mainstream of the narrative, there is no menu, there is no interface, we will immediately have to join what is happening. For almost the entire game, we will only wander around different locations and explore them in order to unravel an already intricate and mysterious plot. So to speak, the gameplay basis is various puzzles, you have to break your head a little, but there is nothing mind-blowing, everything is solved without much difficulty, so that the player is primarily focused on the plot of the game. Enjoy this mysterious and a bit creepy story that will unfold on your computer screen!

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