Every person is afraid of something: some jump away from spiders, others are frightened of heights, and still others are afraid of ghosts. Our hero is afraid of the unknown. Everything new and secret scares him. One day he woke up in a strange room. The hero doesn’t remember how he ended up here, but a bad feeling motivates him to escape from here. And you have to help him. You have to go through a series of difficulties, solve puzzles that will lead to the exit from the dungeon. In this case, you need to hurry, because the killer is somewhere nearby…

Every minute in the game is filled with mysticism and mysteries that the player will have to think about. The plot is as follows: our hero wakes up in the basement. Before that, he was walking along a dark alley home, and then the memories break off. The character feels negative energy, and who would put him in the basement with good intentions? Need to get out. The player must help the hostage quickly find a way out of a dark, haunted basement. The atmosphere really gets on your nerves, you want to escape this place as soon as possible. Hopefully, you’ll be able to do it!

And you don’t have many hours to do it. Remember that you are in danger and time is limited. You need to count every minute. During this time, you must complete a series of machinations that will lead to the main goal – the exit. Will the hero be able to stay alive? It all depends on how well the player will control his actions. To control the game you will need a computer mouse. Weigh your every move carefully, be attentive – there are hints all around, you just have to focus to notice them. If you remain together and concentrated, you will surely figure out what to do and will be able to put this nightmarish event in your life behind you!

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