The Backrooms

Horror game lovers are invited to a new entertainment for a fresh portion of adrenaline. It is The Backrooms, a very unusual escape adventure that is designed for only a single player. So let’s start from the very beginning. You find yourself in a very weird place like a cellar. But all the walls are covered with some strange yellowish pattern that is repeating in every room. All rooms seem to be endless and connected by long corridors. What the hell are you doing here and how to get out? Unfortunately, you have not the slightest idea of what is going on, but this is what you are going to find out. Even if at first you see only empty premises, look more precisely around.

You will start noticing various things that do not seem to have any sense. But be patient and collect them, you never know what you may need the next moment. You run and run, but you see only the same color walls around. Shortly, you start doubting whether you have reached a new room or returned to the one from where you started. And the atmosphere is becoming really annoying with the buzzing lights and some shadows floating around. The idea is to hold out for as long as you can without going crazy. Are you psychologically stable for it? Sometimes you can come across a piece of paper with a text. Do not ignore it as it may contain precious information. You will soon learn from these notes that you were not the first person who was trying to escape this creepy place.

Have those people managed to survive eventually? You will hardly know it. Try to remind yourself what you are here for and continue the search for an exit. The main thing is to distinguish between reality and your imagination as very soon, you will not know what is true and what is fake. The most thrilling thing is that developers have prepared a nice surprise for all the players – they added several possible endings to this story. And your finale will depend entirely on your decisions and actions. If a player will manage to find an exit – he will surely not miss it. The exit will be lit with bright yellow color, though, it will be presented in a different way to everyone. Will you be able to break through to freedom or will you become an eternal prisoner of this yellow labyrinth? Start the game to find it out if you have enough gut for this adventure. One thing is more than clear – you will not be bored! So plunge into this game to win!

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