Now we live in a world where there is everything you need. Anyone can simply leave the house, go to the nearest store and return with a full bag of groceries. We do not lack resources and our life is quite comfortable. But perhaps this will not always be the case. After all, it’s not for nothing that there are so many post-apocalyptic stories around. It may happen that human civilization collapses, everything stops working and we again have to earn our living, as many centuries ago.

The worst thing in this situation – if they are infected with thinned fresh water. After all, if you can stretch for several days without food, then you need to drink as often as possible. Dehydration will entail much more terrifying consequences than ordinary hunger. Therefore, once in the world of the future, whose prospects are gloomy and hopeless, the first thing to do is to look for drinking water. That is what this game will be about.

The main character is a survivalist in this creepy world. Every morning he starts with the fact that he goes to look for water. After all, without it, inevitable death awaits him. Collect bottles scattered around the map and try to maximize your supplies. But be prepared that sometimes you will have to fight for prey with other thirsty vagrants!

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