Covid-19 Escape Puzzle

Ever since the news about the corona virus started spreading around, it has become a vivid subject of discussion that found its way even into online games. We have already encountered quests in which you need to get a protective mask. However, COVID-19: Escape Puzzle takes things to the next level. Now the player must personally take part in cleaning the Chinese streets from infection.

Just like in real life, the virus in the game started acting imperceptibly, and then unexpectedly quickly began to expand its reach, not giving the mankind enough time to get their brains around this fact. The streets of the once bustling cities are now empty, people are sitting in their homes, in a vague hope to wait out the infection, but still its seeping through walls and doors. The absence of workers in offices and at factories is playing an evil trick on economy, markets and stores are closing down, products disappear from the shelves and everything is under the threat of global collapse. This is the world in which you will have to fight the sudden danger in COVID-19: Escape Puzzle.

To begin with, you have to select a location. You can start either at a market or choose a research facility. Will you be able to change anything? Perhaps you will even discover a vaccine against the virus! Gather items, learn clues and solve puzzles. Hopefully, you’ll be able to avoid falling ill!

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