Escape Reality

You’re trapped in some weird place. And you need to find a way out of here. There are no windows in the room, and the only door is locked from the inside. The key is also missing. And even though the starting conditions for the game are quite tough, you can still leave the online room. True, you have to turn everything in it upside down. Various items help to get out of the room: randomly found notes screwdrivers and picks, locks in the form of puzzles and mathematical problems, furniture, textiles, smoking pipes, mirrors, etc. The list is endless. The trick is that you can’t know for sure what will help you escape.

Often this is not one, but several items found in a certain sequence. For example, you come across an old jacket with a piece of a map in its pocket. Numbers are illegibly written on a piece of paper in pencil. Later, this combination will help open the safe-cache and get the key to the secretary. Documents are hidden in it, among which there is a plan for fire communications of the building. You open some air duct and find a crowbar in one of the pipes. They can break the lock of the front door, open the frame of the dormer window or… There are a lot of options. No exit from the online room is like the other, so playing such quests is always difficult. But they are not boring either.

Controls are traditionally simple: all actions are performed with the cursor and the left mouse button. The player clicks on items on the screen, trying to identify the “active” ones, and then figure out how to use them. Sometimes developers leave hints on the screen in the form of short explanatory texts, riddles or allegories. The user will have to guess what is at stake, and use the tip. This is really a fascinating game that will guarantee you spending a wonderful time!

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