Computer Office Escape

There are places that seem completely safe and you think that nothing can happen to you while you’re inside. One of them is probably the office you work at. That’s because it’s a public place and imagining there are any unknown dangers lurking somewhere in the archive or behind the coffee machine is simply ridiculous. So many people stay there without any uneasy feelings even at night. However, you never know when panic is about to strike, and our hero found himself in a rather unpleasant situation that he needs to get out of.

The boss is gone, colleagues also disappeared somewhere. You woke up completely alone in the office, where work and life were in full swing before. Someone closed the doors on the other side, and there are bars on the windows, so choosing through them is not an option. You have to solve tons of puzzles, collect enough items to use them and get out. In the office you will find various puzzles, the solution of which will give you flash drives, and you will understand what to do with flash drives already in the game. Everything is simple, you just need to think a little with your head over the riddles. And the more you do the better you will get at it!

With its simple graphics and intuitive controls, the game is smooth and nice to play. The gaming mechanics are clear to understand and you won’t have to rake your head about how to interact with a certain object. Just a few clicks of the mouse will solve any problem. The rest is up to you. After playing it for a few evenings in a row, you will surely noticed that you started thinking more clearly and became more attentive. Because such games aren’t only entertaining, they are also good for your brain. Spend time with fun and benefit enjoying this unusual and a little disturbing adventure online!

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