The Backrooms Horror

Everyone will agree that it is not the best feeling to find yourself locked in an unknown place. And the longer you stay there, the more you are seized with panic and horror. But the desire to live is always stronger, and you already think about how you will survive. If this scenario does not sound so terrible for you – start The Backrooms to prove to yourself you are so brave as you think. It is not a classical horror entertainment – you will not meet terrible jumpscares and screamers that are so characteristic for this genre. But the reality is much worse as it turns out as sometimes silence is more killing. So what is the point here? You play for a hero that is lost in a vast sequence of rooms and corridors. Naturally, that you start to look out for an exit instinctively. You go from one room to another, pass corridor after corridor and the picture is still the same. It even seems you did not go anywhere – all the walls are with the same queer patterns and annoying lights buzz accompanies you whenever you go. Is there an end to this ominous yellowish maze? It is your task to find it!

You will start noticing some weird objects in some rooms. Collect them even if they seem pointless. You will suddenly need these items at a later stage. And pieces of papers scattered around are not rubbish. Pick up one and explore it carefully. You will be surprised to see a message here left by someone who seems to have gone through the same challenge before. Did that stranger manage to escape? You do not know. Do not give up, keep going, the exit may be spotted in the most unexpected place. The only thing is to believe you will do it. As you move forward, you will have a weird feeling of insanity. Is that really happening with you or is it only your imagination joking with you? Stop for a moment to remind yourself what you need to achieve. Do not allow this creepy atmosphere to lurk into your mind. You will never know how this adventure will end personally for you. It is a winning feature of this game that the outcome is entirely in the hands of the player. There are several endings possible, and only your decisions determine whether you will succeed or not. Accept this challenge to prove nothing can shatter your self-control and become a winner!

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